Return to Training

Many trainees will return to work after a period of maternity leave, sickness absence or going out of programme.  The guidance below sets out best practice for planning your return to training LTFT. 

We recommend planning meetings with your Educational Supervisor to discuss return to training if you have more than 3 months away from training.

  1. Pre-absence meeting.  Aim for this 1 month prior to stepping out of training. Discuss keeping up to date, (eg Keep in Touch KIT days for maternity leave), and any other concerns or needs. 
  2. Prior to return.  Aim to meet in person, 6-10 weeks before your planned return.  Discuss training needs for return and whether a period of supervised supported training is required (for example a staged return to unscheduled care out of hours).  Discuss learning needs and what resources are available (e-learning, return to training simulation course, supervised learning events, courses etc.)  
  3. Initial review within 2 weeks of return.  Discuss any new identified learning needs.  Plan ongoing meeting schedule with your educational supervisor.

You may wish to upload records of these meetings to your eporfolio.

Further advice on return to training is available on the main HEE southwest webpages