All hospitals in Health Education England (South West) are increasing delivery of local simulation, with most hospitals delivering regular sessions. There is currently 1 paediatric simulation fellow post in the southwest with a plan to expand this number over the coming years. There are a number of regional courses that are delivered either at the Bristol Simulation Centre at the University Hospitals Bristol Education Centre or the Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation trust. These courses are offered free to trainees in both Severn and Peninsula and are deanery funded. View the list of course dates.


Key Competencies - aimed at ST2/3

This is a one day course covering the emergency management of 8 key topics from the Level 1 RCPCH Curriculum and therefore is most suitable for ST2/3s. It would work for ST1s later in their first year or if they have previous paediatric experience.

Paediatric Step Up to Registrar - aimed at ST3/4

This one day course is designed to enhance and rehearse the generic and specific skills required to be a “Registrar” in Paediatrics using simulated scenarios. This includes areas such as working within and leading a team, effective communication and organisation in an emergency situation. The scenarios are based around the acute situations you will encounter as a middle grade doctor. This course is most suitable for ST3s and those early in their ST 4 year.

Neonatal Step up to Registrar – aimed at ST3

Courses are run in Bristol and Exeter.

The course is based on neonatal scenarios with an emphasis on decision making. The course is aimed at ST3s who have either just started on the tier 2 rota or are due to start on it.

Cope (Confidence in Paediatric Emergencies)- aimed at ST4/5

The one day course is delivered annually and forms part of the educational programme for ST4-5 trainees. This course includes both simulated emergency scenarios and interactive workshops. The content of the course varies on a two yearly cycle and focuses on more challenging clinical situations and taking a leadership role. Learning outcomes are mapped to both clinical and generic competencies within the Level 2 curriculum.

How to Book a Place

For Key Competencies, Paediatric Step Up to Registrar, and COPE courses please book direct from the BMSC website.

To book a place, or any questions, on the Neonatal Step Up to Registrar course (Exeter) please contact David Bartle.

To book a place on the Neonatal Step Up to Registrar course (Bristol) please refer to the Events page.