Paediatric ARCP - ST1-3 (SPACES) & ST4-8 (FULLY BOOKED)

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Date: July 13th 2018

Location: HEE South West Severn, Deanery House, Vantage Business Park, Old Gloucester Road, Hambrook, Bristol BS16 1GW

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ARCPS for Paediatric Trainees will be held as follows:


25th June 2018 - ST1-3

26th June 2018 - ST1-3

27th June 2018 - ST4-8

29th June 2018 (double panel running) ST1-3 & ST4-8

9th July 2018 - ST1-3

10th July 2018 - AM - Academic Trainees, PM ST1-3

11th July 2018 - ST4-8

12th July 2018 - ST4-8

13th July 2018 (double panel running) ST1-3 & ST4-8


The timeslots will be approximately 30 minutes


We have 15 slots available each day (30 where it is double panels).  Trainees should sign up to attend the most convenient date, but please bear in mind that ST1-3 or ST4-8 indicates when your TPD will be on the panels so you are asked to choose a date when your Training Programme Director will be present where possible.


Academic Trainees should  only sign up for the morning of 10th July 2018 as this is when the Academic Rep is available.


Please add your name to the list of attendees and write AM or PM after your name to indicate if you require a morning or afternoon appointment.  If you don't mind, just give your name only.  Academic trainees put Academic after your name please.


If you are not able to attend any of the above dates for whatever reason you will need to email your Training Programme Director to explain the reason why you cannot attend in person, and obtain written permission for your ARCP to be held in your absence.


A confirmation email will be sent to you in due course, to confirm your precise time slot with full instructions on what you need to upload to Kaizen and bring with you on the day.


Please check the RCPCH website for guidance on what is required.

If you are Out of Programme you will need to send in your annual report to be reviewed by the panel.


You will also need to complete an enhanced  Form R, which must be dated within 4 weeks of the date of  the ARCP.


Trainees coming to the end of level 1 training and stepping up to middle grade (ST3 to ST4) will need to complete a step up to middle grade form and discuss with their educational supervisor in advance.    




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