Posted October 8th 2018 (2 years ago)

ST4-5 Deanery Teaching, Response to Feedback


Thank you to those of you who gave feedback. We really appreciate and take note of your comments. Below is how we have used the feedback you have given to make changes or continue good areas of practice.


Subjects Covered

You said: Last years teaching had more variation than previous years and people would like this to continue. Some people would like the focus to be on things not commonly encountered in clinical work such as ENT and Dermatology.

Response: The teaching is broadly organised into 2-year cycles. We have continued to work with the same 2-year plan so that people do not get the same teaching twice. We will try to continue this variation. Dermatology and ENT were covered last year but we shall consider other similar areas.



You said: Uncertain about how the teaching mapped to the old curriculum with further uncertainty about how it will integrate with progress. There was some concern that speciality based teaching would be lost.

Response: We have mapped the old curriculum to PROGRESS and have ensured this fits with the teaching schedule. We have provided resources to enable the new curriculum to be addressed for all topics and provided guidance on how to do this. We have also offered support to teachers if concerns or queries arise.



You said: Prefer deanery house location as getting into the centre of Bristol difficult.

Response: We have tried to book all Bristol teaching at Deanery house and have done so well in advance to ensure this. Very occasionally it may have to be in other locations, particularly if fully booked. Exeter Bristol difficulties: split approx 60/40 Bristol/Exeter based on trainee numbers in each.

You said: You would rather the study budget continues to be used to provide lunch at remote locations such as Deanery House, Bristol.

Response: We shall do this where possible. Please do sign up online to give numbers for catering.



Advertising of Teaching Days

You said: You’d like to know the timetable and topics well in advance and understandably find it difficult when things change last minute.


-          We apologise that one session did change last minute last year. It can be tricky to coordinate location (Bristol vs Exeter), room bookings and speakers. Occasionally these things do change last minute.

-          As soon as the timetable is finalised we shall let you know. Often this is difficult and things do change last minute. We know the dates from quite far in advance but topics and teachers are more difficult to finalise and apologise as it is not as easy to give you notice of this well in advance. However, we shall try to keep you as updated as possible once we know.

-          We have continued to arrange alternate Tuesday/Thursday dates so that those who work less than full time have fair opportunities to attend.

You said: The Whatssap was the main way that people found out about teaching (76%), followed by the deanery website.


-          We shall contact people via multiple resources to make sure people know about teaching in a way that works for them. Trello was one of the least used options but once up and running works very well.

-          We have tried to make sure all people have access to the whatsapp group by sending out a link to join on several occasions.

-          The peninsula facebook group has been closed as to not complicate things. The severn trainees facebook group is used for other things and so will continue to post reminders here also.