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General Information

The Children’s Hospital in Bristol and the associated neonatal unit at St. Michael’s Hospital act as the tertiary referral centres for the South West region. The Children’s Hospital moved to its new site adjacent to the Bristol Royal Infirmary in April 2001. The Paul O’Gorman building is a modern, purpose-built children’s hospital with excellent facilities for patients, parents and staff. There is a large paediatric intensive care unit taking patients mainly from the South West but also from other regions. In May 2014, the children's services in neurosurgery, neurosciences, orthopaedics and plastic surgery all merged onto a single site at the Children's Hospital.

Postgraduate Education

Adjacent to Bristol Children’s Hospital is the UHB Education Centre, which includes the Institute of Child Health. It houses the main postgraduate medical library for UHB and includes electronic access to a wide range of relevant paediatric and other medical journals. Access to the internet is available in the library (17 terminals), from the Junior Doctors’ mess (3 terminals) and through any computer within the hospital. There is a small paediatric library provided within the Junior Doctors’ mess.

Grand rounds take place every Friday with presentations from all firms allied to the Children’s Hospital.  Teaching for ST2-3s takes place every Tuesday lunchtime and covers the syllabus in a two year rolling programme. Sub-specialities have separate programmed academic and clinical meetings going on throughout the week to which all trainees are invited. There is hospital wide teaching on Wednesday lunchtimes.

The Education Centre also houses the Bristol Simulation Centre which is provides superb simulation based training.

Further Information

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Severn Postgraduate Medical Education (PGME)
St Michael's Hospital and Bristol Children's Hospital

UHB Clinical Tutor: Dr J-C Sconce

Working Pattern

The medical cover from paediatrics is through a comprehensive junior and senior out of hours system, with trainees in F2 and ST2-3 forming the first tier and trainees in ST 6-8 on the second tier. All paediatric medicine rotas work are EWTD compliant. We have enhanced out of hours cover across the hospital with excellent patient care and support. There are separate rotas in PICU, oncology/haematology/BMT and paediatric cardiology. Paediatric medicine trainees provide cross-cover for some of the other sub-specaility rotas, so that the training experince is superb.

Medical Staff

Emergency Medicine

Dr Lisa Goldsworthy

Dr Will Christian

Dr Mark Lyttle

Dr Sam Milsom
Dr Nick Sargant

Dr Giles Haythorne Waite
Dr Ann Frampton

Paediatric Cardiology

Dr Alison Hayes - Echocardiography
Dr Rob Martin - Interventional
Prof Rob Tulloh - Education

Dr Mark Walsh
Dr Graham Stuart - Electrophysiology, GUCH (Grown Up Congenital Heart)
Dr Andrew Tometzki - Foetal Cardiology
Dr Bev Tsai Goodman MR

Endocrinology and Diabetes

Dr Elizabeth Crowne - Puberty, Late Effects, Adolescent Diabetes
Dr Julian Shield - Obesity, Rare Forms Diabetes, Neonatal Glucose Metabolism
Dr Christine Burren

Dr John Bartoon


Professor Bhupinder Sandhu
Dr Christine Spray

Dr Dharam Basude

Dr Tony Wiskin

General Paediatrics

Dr Reg Bragonier
Dr JC Sconce

Dr Rosie Fish

Dr Frances Hutchings
Dr Thursby-Pelham

Infectious Diseases and Immunity

Professor Adam Finn - Immunisation, Mucosal Immunity
Dr Jolanta Berniatone

Dr Marion Roderick

Intensive Care

Dr James Fraser - CEMACH and Long Term Ventilation
Dr Ian Jenkins - Cardiac ICU
Dr Stephen Marriage In charge of Retrieval Service
Dr Peter Murphy - IT and Neurointesive Care
Dr Pat Weir Responsible for Education in PICU, Clinical and College Tutor
Professor Andrew Wolf - Cardiac ICU, Sedation and Analgesia
Dr Peter Davies - Audit in PICU
Dr Margrid Schindler - Senior Lecturer in PICU
Dr David Grant Equipment and Critical Incidents


Professor Moin Saleem
Dr Jane Tizard
Dr Wesley Hayes
Dr Jan Dudley
Dr Carol Inward
Dr Richard Coward


Dr Peta Sharples - Neurointensive Care, Neurorehabilitation, Complex Epilepsy
Dr Andrew Mallick
Dr Jay Patel - Complex Epilepsy, Neuro Intensive Care
Dr Finbar O'Callaghan - Tuberous Sclerosis, Stroke, Complex Epilepsy
Dr Andrew Lux - Complex Epilepsy
Dr Arni Majuamadar

Dr Kayal Vijaykumar

Paediatric Oncology, Haematology and Bone Marrow Transplantation

Dr Steve Lowis - Solid Tumours, Neuro Oncology
Dr Michelle Cummins - Leukaemia, BMT, Non Malignant Haematology
Dr John Moppett - Leukaemia, BMT, Non Malignant Haematology
Dr Anthony - Ng
Dr Jackie Cornish - BMT
Dr Colin Steward - Reader in Stem Cell Transplantation, Metabolic Disease, BMT

Dr Rachel Dommett

Respiratory Medicine

Professor John Henderson

Dr Tom Hilliard
Dr Simon Langton-Hewer
Dr Huw Thomas

Peter Dunn Neonatal Unit, St Michael's Hospital - Neonatology

Professor Marianne Thoresen - Neonatal Brain Injury
Dr Pamela Cairns - Neonatal Nutrition
Dr Anoo Jain - Analgesia and Neonatal Pharmacokinetics
Dr David Harding
Dr James Tooley
Dr Karen Luyt

Dr Jonathan Davis

Dr Ela Chakkarapani