Click on the links for each training level to see up to date information on forthcoming training days.

Please also go to the Events tab to access further information for each specific day - you need to book onto each day from there.

Please see the HESW Simulation tab for details of how to book on the simulation courses. For the courses at the Bristol Medical Simulation Centre you need to book online directly with them

Make sure you complete a Study Leave application for the training days you are attending.

Please note for any dates taking place at Park House, parking is limited. Alternatively you can cycle. If you take the train, please get off at Bristol Parkway. If you require disabled parking facilities when visiting Park House, please notify

Refreshments will be provided at all training days at Deanery House, however we are only able to order lunch for trainees who confirm attendance in advance of the training days.


COVID 19 update

All teaching is currently being held over MS Teams. ST4-8 teaching days are now being run together and no longer split between ST4-5 and ST6-8

ST1-3 training days


Rebecca Webster Mary Fenton-Jones

The ST1-3 training days include days at the deanery and simulation training days based in Bristol and Exeter. however currently all on line via Microsoft teams.

ST4-5 training days

The ST4-5 training days are shared with Peninsula School of Paediatrics. The training days are based in Bristol at the Deanery or in Exeter, as well as some simulation courses in Bristol. However currently all on line via Microsoft teams.

ST6-8 training days

All the ST6-8 days are in the UH Bristol Education Centre, however currently all on line via Microsoft teams.

Simulation Training Days


All simulation courses run out of BMSC and Southmead will be postponed until further notice. The training space at both UHB and Southmead are needed for COVID-19 related training.

Please see the HESW simulation tab on the left for more information about our simulation training days. There are simulation courses targeted for level 1 and level 2 trainees and these are listed under each training level. Simulation training days are are funded for Severn trainees and need to be booked online with the simulation centre see (best viewed in Chrome).


Trainees who assist with Education programme       
Name Grade   email 
Wendy McCay ST6 Severn
Clarissa Barber ST6 Severn
Tim Mason ST6 Severn
Sara Followell St5 Severn
Thomas Siese St4 Plymouth 
Prashant Kakala (Kini) ST4-8 Severn
 Jessica Spaull  ST4-8  Severn

  All teaching days for ST4-8 are currently running jointly with Peninsula and both levels attending the same teaching sessions