Karen Fishenden, Education Programme Manager

Karen Fishenden, Recruitment/Placements/Rotations/CCT paperwork/Less Than Full Time Training/OOPE/Interdeanery Transfers, Study Leave/Regional Training Days/Website Issues/E-Portfolio/Assessments/General School Queries; alternatively you can email; Pinar Preston or Severn Pediatrics School.

 You can also contact the Head of School Russell Peek, or your training programme directors, ST1-3 Emma Bradley and ST4-8 Alex Powell.


HR/Medical Staffing Contacts in the Trusts

Please contact your HR Department in the Trust regarding the following:

Annual Leave, study leave
Maternity Leave (please also inform your programme director of your plans, Karen Fishenden with the dates of your maternity leave)


RCPCH Tutors

For information on rotas as you move to different centres, you can contact the RCPCH Tutor for that Trust as below:


Simulation Tutor (for Severn & Peninsula)

Dr Maria Tsakmakis (Southmead) Maria Tsakmakis


Less than full time training advisors

Dr Marie Wheeler (Gloucester) Marie Wheeler (Severn) Dr Sian Ludman (Peninsula)


Trainee representatives 

ST1-3 Dr Laura Crosby, Sarah Blakey & Dr Nathan Collicott

ST4-5 Andy Kyprios, Rose Marion Liz Pellow 

ST6-8 Clarissa Barber  and LTFT Dr Chrissie Parfitt, Tasha Smallwood, Annabel Baines (Peninsula and Severn), jemma say
RCPCH trainee rep Dr Aless Glover Williams

OOP and LTFT - Claire Salter

Regional Lead (RCPCH)

Dr Giles Richardson (Plymouth) Giles Richardson

Deputy Regional Lead (RCPCH)

Dr Andrew Lux (BCH) Andrew Lux

Peninsula ST6/ST8 CCH training days coordinator 

Dr Rihab Yassin