ARCP Assessments

Update on ARCP during COVID disruptions; watch this video:

Your ARCP will be a supportive review of your training and will help you plan the next steps in your career development.

1. You will need a trainer’s report on ePortfolio providing evidence of your achievement in each of the posts since your last ARCP. This can either be a single report covering the whole period or more than one report if you have changed educational supervisors in that time. The reports must refer to your progress with personal development plans and feedback from work-place based assessments (WBAs/SLEs). Your report should include the clinical supervisor section or, if you have a separate clinical supervisor, they should complete a separate report.

2. In order to progress to your next training year, you will need to have completed satisfactory WBAs/SLEs as set out in the RCPCH assessment guide.  Up to 25% of your supervised learning events can be completed while taking part in simulation activities.

3. Your form R has to be completed and uploaded to Kaizen Library. ST3 (sometimes ST2) trainees moving to middle grade will also need to submit a "preparation for moving to middle grade" form with their supervisor and upload to ePortfolio. If you have declared on your form R additional scope of practice work, a "Wider Scope of Practice" form must be submitted for each episode, you can download forms by following the link: Wider Scope of Practice.  There is more information about declaring wider scope of practice on the COPMED site here.

4. Please upload an up-to-date CV into your personal library. This is particularly useful if you are less than full time or had time away from the programme (parental leave, OOPE, etc) - if the posts on the e-portfolio aren't accurate, a CV is the easiest way to correct errors and calculate what stage you are in your training.

5. If you are out of programme, you still need to submit a form R and a copy of your OOP approval (and upload a current CV).

If you are on OOPT you will be assessed under the normal RCPCH assessment strategy and you need to submit the same evidence as if you were in a training post in programme.

If you are on OOPR or OOPE you need to submit a report from your supervisor. You can download a supervisor report from from If there are any changes to your plans (e.g. an extension), you will need to submit a supplementary application (using the relevant application form).

If on OOPC, you still need to submit your form R and will have an ARCP.

6. The attached document sets out expectations for the evidence that will be reviewed for each year of training.