The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH)  are developing a new  e-Portfolio system. 

The advantages of the new e-Portfolio are:

  • Combined e-Portfolio and ASSET with a single log in so work place based assessments (WPBA) will be stored in one place only
  •  WPBA can be easily linked to the curriculum.
  • Technological ability to use from mobile devices
  • Designed to be easier to use – particularly to reflect on events

In order for the current e-Portfolio system to integrate with the new e-Portfolio system a period of downtime is necessary. 

The RCPCH recommends that existing users of the e-Portfolio system download their e-Portfolio ONLY if they need access to the information during the down time Eg if an ARCP is occurring during the downtime or for grid applications.  Information about how to do this is available on the college website

If you undertake any work place based assessments during the downtime then theses can be completed on a paper copy which can be found on the college website.

You can then add this to the system when it goes live.

Training for the new system will take place via college produced videos, and documentation on the Colleges compass e-learning platform.  It is important that the college have your most up to date email address so that information updates can be sent to you.

Your regional e-Portfolio champion is Dr Alex Powell who will also provide local support.

Further information can be found at: