Study Leave


List of approved study leave course 

1 Mandatory

2 Strongly recommended

3 Desirable

Elements that must be completed to meet the curriculum requirements

Courses/ costs identified as the best means to achieve curriculum requirements

Courses/ costs identified for educational benefit to a trainee’s portfolio


RCPCH Annual Conference

Respiratory GRID - BPRS membership



PICM GRID - PICS masterclass


Cranial Ultrasound Course

RCPCH Effective educational supervision


Attendance at RCPCH Annual Scientific Meeting

Professional and generic skills course


Paediatric epilepsy training level 1

Safeguarding report writing

RCPCH START assessment

Paediatric epilepsy training level 2

Simulation leader training

APLS (or equivalent)

Generic instructor course (eg APLS, NLS)

International conferences

NLS (or equivalent)

Respiratory GRID - Bronchoscopy course


Child Protection: Recognition and Response (or equivalent level 1 training)

PICM GRID - European Trauma Course


Level 2 safeguarding training

Rheumatology GRID  specialty course


Level 3 safeguarding

Neurology GRID - British Paediatric Neurology Association Annual Conference

Paediatric Neurology Trainees Meeting

Neurology grid –

BPNA distance learning modules

NeoNATE – neurology

ChAT headache course

ST1 induction day

Endocrinology GRID - BSPED conference


Regional study days (level specific)

Neonates GRID - BAPM Conference


Regional Simulation Programme

Gastroenterology GRID - Endoscopy course


       Key Competences

CCH GRID Standardised development course (range available)
Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule


       Step up to registrar

Attendance at RCPCH Annual Scientific Meeting


       Neonatal step-up

Paediatric epilepsy training level 1


       Confidence in paediatric emergencies














With effect from the 1st April 2015 trainees need to apply to their employing Trust for all study leave requests and claims. The Trusts within Severn PGME now administer your study leave budget. Please look at your Trust PGME processes for more details of how to apply for study leave (we have put some local contacts below).

You can see the Severn PGME study leave policy here.


Contacts by Trust: 


Kirsty Andrews

Deputy Medical Education Manager

Tel No 0117 342 0058

Tracey Newman

Study Leave Co-ordinator

Tel No 0117 342 0054

Suzan Fowweather

Medical Education Manager

0117 342 0065


North Bristol Trust

Julie Vernon

Donna Paddon

0117 323 6157


Glos and Cheltenham

Samantha Taylor

0300 4223038



Hayley Gibson


Sam Vickery




Rosemarie Clark

Medical Education Co-ordinator

Email: or

Tel: 01823 342432 or 01823 342430



Trish Reeves

Medical Education Manager

01793 604211

Sheree Mapstone

Senior Medical Education Administrator

01793 604165

Lauren Turner

Medical Education Administrator (lead)

 RUH Bath

Kelly Tillson

PGMC Manager


Gillie Atkins

Medical Education Co-ordinator