Severn Postgraduate Medical Education (PGME), working with Directors of Medical Education, has prepared a modular programme of Professional and Generic Skills courses, which covers topics such as leadership skills and change management. Specialist Trainees should ensure that they complete this programme.

The training across the patch is being coordinated into a single transferable programme. There are 10 modules which have been split into early, mid and late years of core/speciality training and include the following topics:

Module 1 Introduction to the Programme and Learning Styles

Module 2 How Understanding Personality Types Can Improve Communication

Module 3 Career Management

Module 4 Patient Safety, Governance and Risk Management

Module 5 Introduction to Medical Ethics and Law

Module 6 Becoming a Teacher

Module 7 Leadership and Management

Module 8 Understanding the Health and Social Care Economy

Module 9 Managing change and Transitions

Module 10 Action Learning Sets

The programme is primary designed for doctors in training working within Severn PGME’s jurisdiction.

It is co-ordinated by Severn PGME and delivered locally via the Academies (a network of Learning Centres based on major healthcare sites). There may be variation in style and method of delivery across Academies but the programme will be evaluated annually to ensure quality and overall consistency.

However, the long term aim is for the programme to be multi-professional and other Health Care Professionals at a similar level are therefore welcome.

Registration, administration and access to e-learning is coordinated on the Managed Learning Environment (MLE) where you can see when and where modules are taking place in each Academy and apply for a place online, and also carry out e-learning. If you do not have a login, please contact our Severn Education Team who will require your date of birth in order to add your name to the system and issue you with a username.

The first three modules are generally intended for core/speciality training Years 1 and 2, the second three modules for years 3 and 4 and the next 3 for years 5 to 6. Action learning sets are likely to span a number of years. Click the adjacent link to see the intended learning outcomes for each module.

For further information please contact our Severn Education Team.